Rates & Services

Project Consultations

We are only looking to partner with the most driven and passionate Artists.
Free email consultations are made available to any Artist who submits their info & content here

An Industry Professional will give genuine feedback on how to get each client to the next and desired level of their career. 


Non-exclusive Recording & performance License

Artists have the opportunity to write and record over the musical instrumental works of Don’t Rush, as well as the right to publish and distribute one(1) master recording. Licensee agrees that Don’t Rush shall receive 50% of all future royalties & publishings. 

Non-exclusive instrumentals licenses shall be priced starting at $39.00+HST

exclusive Recording & performance License

Any artist who is serious about their career in music will understand the requirement for exclusive sounds. 

Exclusive Instrumental Licenses are an opportunity for Licensees to write, record and release a collaboration Don’t Rush without having to worry about another artists releasing a different version over the same instrumental bed-track. Licensees shall agree that Don’t Rush shall retain 40% of all future royalties & publishings. 

Exclusive Instrumental Licenses shall be priced starting at $329.00+HST. 

royalty free Recording & performance License

We understand not every talented artist has a budget dedicated to their musical career. 

That being said, we still want to help. Every month, we will be uploading a new instrumental to be used royalty free for any artist who signs up for our mailing list. 

Sign up for our recording & performance artists mailing list here.


Turning your ideas into reality.

Do you have a song idea but need help executing?
Need a catchy hook to tie together your verses?
We can help. 

Send us your ideas, and what you have currently - we specialize in bringing Artists’ ideas to life. 

Our songwriting rates start at $159.00+HST. 


We have been fortunate enough to work in many capacities in the music industry. As most in the industry, we all began our journey as young and uncompromising recording artists, transitioned into engineering while recording with other producers, then writing and producing music for others. 

After your song has been written, demoed, and you have made all your production notes from the pre-production reference, it’s time to get into the studio and record the final takes. 

Using Reason 10 and  Pro Tools 12 and the Universal Audio Apollo at the heart of our productions, we are able to facilitate produce at a competitive quality, but maybe more importantly, just as efficiently as some of the industry’s top studios. We also have access to almost every DAW music is currently being produced on, if you have an existing production session in the works, we are able to open and expand your sessions once we start creating together.

Once the production has been completed, audio stems will be printed in 24 bit .wav files and prepared for mixing and mastering by our engineers, or  


Your song has been written, recorded and produced - why doesn’t it sound like the radio or streaming reference?

Many artists and bands struggle with justifying the budget on the mixing and mastering of their tracks. Speaking from experience, this is the most crucial step of the production process. Mixing can help to ensure your final production is competitive. 

Using state of the art equipment, both inboard and outboard technologies, as well as more than 10 years of professional recording, engineering and mixing experiences. We take pride in our ability to provide a tasteful and artistic mix of your creation. 

Whether you tracked your vocals in a closet, a bedroom or the best recording facilitates available, a proper mix will take your track to it’s full potential. Having a second set of ears on a production is sometimes all it takes to bring it to life. 


The mastering process is aimed to achieve a commercial standard of production. Although we are able to master your tracks, it is strongly suggested having someone more experienced master them.

We do not have a mastering specific facility, and an engineer with one may be able to achieve results I simply could not. If you are without a proper mastering budget, we are happy to provide our mastering services starting at $39.00+HST.